This might be the coolest travel bag we’ve ever seen. Developed by the folks over at Freitag (out of Germany), the Zippelin bag is actually an inflatable duffel bag made out of old used truck tarps, old inner tubes off of bikes, and seat belts. Each bag is completely unique thanks to it’s material, woven in an 85-liter rolling duffel bag. It uses the inner tubes in place of a frame; when you want to use it, you merely inflate them with a bike pump, and the bag expands.  When you don’t, deflate it and conveniently roll it up; it can then be stored in a variety of different places. It’s seriously one of the most creative designs we’ve seen yet. The wheels are even removable (without tools) for ultimate flexibility, and they recommend removing them prior to checking the bag on a flight.

The tarp material is water-repellent and sturdy, and there is a double zipper to keep water out. There are also shoulder straps made from seatbelts in case you need carry it. The inner tube can be easily removed for repairs for replacement. The whole thing weights 8 lbs, which is a bit heavy for a duffel bag, but average weight for a heavy-duty piece of luggage.

You have the choice of choosing your color and design, or choosing a “Blind Booking” and being surprised. Be rest assured, however, that each bag is totally unique. Add that to it’s ingeniousness, durability and creative repurposing, and the Zippelin is a fantastic choice for your next roller bag.

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