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Cold Bruer: Slow Drip, Cold Brew Coffee For Home or the Office

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It’s no secret that cold brewed coffee is the best way to make ice coffee. Instead of water-down, lukewarm coffee, you get a rich, flavorful almost foamy coffee that tastes perfect over ice. Likewise, it’s no secret that pourover and drip coffee methods are the best when it comes to hot coffee, and now there’s a brewing method that combines the two: Cold Bruer. It uses the same principle as a drip coffee maker, while resembles that of a pour-over (saturating the grounds and letting them drip slowly into the receptacle below). Geared for cold brewing iced coffee, however, instead of pouring near-boiling water all over the grounds over the course of a few minutes, Cold Bruer very slowly and deliberately drips ice cold water into the grounds over the course of 4 hours.

Operation is simple. Fill the reservoir with ice water, put in some freshly ground coffee in the paper filter (Cold Bruer includes 100 with the package) and set them up on the counter. An adjustable valve lets you customize the rate of flow and decide how strong you like your coffee. In as little as four hours, you get a crisp, perfectly brewed cup of coffee without any over-extraction or burning, and you can then add ice and water to your own liking. If you’re into big batch brewing, you may not have much use for this…but if, like us, you put a lot of care into every cup, this glass piece of hardware looks perfect on your counter top or tucked away in a corner of your office.

Cold Bruer Coffee Maker Features

  • Slowly brews up to 20 fl oz of cold brew in as few as 4 hours
  • No risk of over-extraction
  • Adjustable valve lets you choose the extraction time, and eliminates the need for a timer
  • Glass, silicon, stainless steel unit is easy to use and perfectly easy to clean.
  • Includes 100 paper filters



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