Crafted with a recipe that stands the test of time, Old Forester Signature Bourbon is pure liquid brown gold. The brand has been around for over one hundred and forty years, consistently making bourbon the entire time, and claims to be The First Bottled Bourbon. The new Signature 100 Proof is a slightly modified recipe, but keeps the old style’s bare bones, with the same distillation but a few new flavors. It comes in at a stout 100 proof; generally, when alcohol starts to get up there in ABV, some of the flavor gets lost. But Old Forester has managed to maintain a full flavor throughout the entire palette with this blend, allowing you to detect hints of apple, fruit, nutmeg and clove as well as toasted oak, and keeping you coming back for more and more after each sip. The finish is light and soft, with oak and apple that stays with you long after you finish your glass.

Old Forester Signature can be blended with a variety of other mixes and drink, whether crafting old classic cocktails or serving as the base for new and modern concoctions.  This is a bourbon that you can drink six glasses of in one sitting and enjoy them as much as you did the first. (Just make sure you have someone to get you home after enjoying this bottle so heavily, but that goes without saying). This rich, complex bourbon will stand its ground against some of the bourbon greats. Yet, it’s still only $25 a bottle – a veritable steal for something this good. Like any of our other favorite whiskeys, it’s the perfect companion for relaxing by the fireside, or puffing a cigar in the cold of winter.