Now that you’re into smoking fine cigars, it’s time to invest in a good humidor to keep them in perfect condition anywhere you go. And, if like us, you love to appreciate a good smoke at the top of the mountain, on the water or while fishing (where allowed, of course), then be sure to pick up a good travel humidor, like the Cigar Caddy.

The Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor is build from tough, durable ABS molded plastic, with stainless steel latch hinges and 2 replaceable locking clasps. It can hold up to 10 Churchill cigars in two layers, including room for humidifier sticks. There is also a humidifier disc built into the lid. When tightly shut, it seals humidity both in and out, and is also completely waterproof so it can accompany you anywhere you may be heading. The Cigar Caddy will float on water, and the wateproof capabilities last down to 100 feet (though we can’t imagine you’d be smoking that far underwater). Perfect for traveling, outdoor adventures, or even just keeping around the house as your primary humidor if you aren’t looking to drop the big bucks on a larger, more permanent one.

Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidor Features

  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Holds up to 10 Churchill cigars
  • Waterproof seal to 100 feet, floats on water
  • Humidifier disc integrated into lid
  • Lanyard clip for attaching to things
  • 8″ x 4″ x 2.5″



Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidor Closeup Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidor Open Cigar Caddy Waterproof Travel Humidor Profile