Having a fire source and method handy is a necessity when in the backcountry, or in a whole host of other tactical situations. So it’s important to keep something on you that won’t be ruined by a little water getting in, or get broken and leak gas everywhere should it run into some tough terrain or abuse. Exotac knows this, why is why they make a line of dependable, heavy-duty fire gear built to last.

The ExoTac TitanLight is a refillable waterproof lighter that uses regular lighter fluid (the kind you put in a Zippo) and is machined from aluminum for a durable, tough construction. It’s completely waterproof against rain, and submersible down to 1 meter. A high-spark flint wheel is easy to strike and start and will last up to 500 strikes. There are also windguards for protection against gusts, and a convection assist combustion. When it runs out of fluid, simply refill. A tough, dependable tool for all situations.

The Nanostriker XL is an all-in-one flint and striker tool, with everything you need to start a fire contained entirely within it. It’s designed to be ultra-portable, and carriable on your keychain, in your pocket, or around your neck, and features a 1/4″ waterproof ferrocerium & magnesium rod that works even when wet. The ferrocerium rod will also last up to 3000 strikes. The handle has been machined in the USA out of 6061 aluminum, and whole thing weighs only

Exotac also has a few match cases you might find worth checking out, like the MATCHCAP – a practically indestructible match holder made of anodized aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. All the details and text have been laser engraved on for ensured durability. It’s waterproof, holds matches up to 72mm long, and works with all kinds of matches. The striking pads are also replaceable, and the lanyard loops accommodate two 550-paracord loops.

That’s just a sampling of Exotac’s bombproof fire-starting kit. Whether you need something for survival situations, or just want something that will never let water in your outdoor adventures, they’ve got something for you. Check them out for yourself and be prepared on your next expedition.

Exotac-TItanlight-Refillable-Lighter Exotac-stryker-xl Exotac-stryker-1 Exotac-stryker-2