You’re looking for a minimalist utility wallet, but you don’t want to compromise on looks. You kinda like the leather and feel that a real wallet has ample leather – even if it is a “utility wallet.” So, you opt for the Trayvax Ascent– a minimalist wallet designed to slip into your front pocket, consisting of a stainless-steel frame with hand-stitched, full-grain leather sleeve sides, held in place with brass rivet. It’s just wide enough for 4-7 cards and 5 bills at a time and features an easy-access ID window in the front. 2-4 of the cards fit into the easy-access card slot and can be easily pulled out with the pull tab, made of MIL-SPEC nylon.

Let’s not forget; the Ascent also includes RIFD-protection, ensuring no one steals your personal information. The wallet was made entirely in the USA and is backed up with a 65-year Heirloom warranty. This is a wallet you’ll hand down to your kids, and that maybe they’ll hand down to theirs.

Did we mention it looks cool? Slide this bad boy directly into your front pocket and stop putting up with all that unnecessary bulk from your cheap bifold. The leather is made to mold around the shape of your cards and into your pocket for a perfect slim fit. Trayvax has you covered.

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