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Innovation Factory Survival Axe: The All-in-One Multitool for Everything

IF Survival Axe Front

Multitools are incredibly useful, but if you’re in a survival situation, you’re looking for something much more heavy-duty – like an axe. The Innovation Factory Survival Axe is the perfect combination of an all-in-one multitool and heft hatchet, made from lightweight, 1055 hardened carbon steel body. It has both upper and lower finger guards for safety when cutting, and a locking 6″ sawzall blade that cuts right through metal and folds neatly into the handle – which is  enclosed handle and filled with 30% nylon glass. The blade is heat-treated and fully resharpenable.

The Innovation Factory has over 20 functions built in, including a seat-belt cutter, steel glass breaker, hammer claw, spanner wrench, can opener, box cutter and pry bar – as well a wide variety of different drill bits and hex sockets. There’s a recessed nail puller – and the obligatory bottle opener to finish the package off, among others.

For an all-around versatile, reliable and handy tool for whatever tough situation you find yourself in, the Survival Axe has you covered.

Innovation Factory Survival Axe Features

  • Hardened steel glass breaker
  • Hammer claw and head
  • Spanner wrench for hose couplings
  • Can opener and box cutter
  • Pry bar
  • Recessed nail puller
  • Backed hex socket accepts any ¼” bit
  • ⅜” and 7/16”; 10 mm and 11 mm hex socket
  • ½” and 13 mm hex socket
  • 9/16” and 15 mm hex socket
  • Wire twist
  • Demolition grip teeth
  • Bottle opener/gas valve shut off wrench
  • Made from 1055 hardened steel


  • Weight: 1.6 lb
  • Length: 11.7”
  • Width: 4.9”
  • Thickness: 0.26”
  • Handle Width: 2.2”

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