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Stargaze in Style With The NEMO Stargate Recliner Luxury Camping Chair

Nemo Stargate Recliner Luxury Chair

If nothing but the most luxurious chair ever will do when lounging around the beach or campfire, then you want the Nemo Stargate Recliner. This isn’t your typical lawn-chair, but a rocking chair made to rock on any surface – rock, gravel, dirt, sand at the beach.  With a suspended air-rocking system and aircraft-grade aluminum frame, it’s super-sturdy, letting you recline and swing gently back and forth like that old hammock in the backyard. And when we say reclining, we mean reclining; this thing lays way back, with a special supportive headrest to make stargazing easy and relaxing. It even has an Auto-Reclining Feature, which helps you find the reclining angle most comfortable for you by leaning and shifting your body weight to adjust the chair.

The non-filament mesh seats are resistant to build up of odor-causing bacteria, let water go right through, and the mesh is also made to hold up to constant sun exposure. There’s an integrated no-spill cupholder for stashing your drinks, as well as a stash pocket for stashing….well, everything else you need stashed. A padded carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap is included to make carrying easy.

The one thing the NEMO Stargate isn’t…is cheap. It also weighs a full 6.5 pounds. But, it is one solid, super-cozy reclining camping chair that will make nights around the campfire – and staring at the stars – that much more luxurious.

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