There’s nothing more frustrating than hanging off the edge of your beach towel–other than a beach towel that “collects” sand. The Monster Towel 3.0 has defeated the evilness of the common beach towel.

Monster Towel is a giant beach towel! It is 100 square feet (that’s 10 feet by 10 feet). Monster Towel is the world’s largest, thinnest, softest towel! It rolls up to a compact size, making it ideal for the beach, camping, & hiking! Worried about weight? It’s only 3.5 pounds so lugging it with you is a breeze. It’s just really, really big. How big, you may ask. This helps you understand 100 square feet: it replaces at least six regular beach towels. The soft microfiber material is ideal because it absorbs water after a swim and dries fast. When you get home, just throw it in the washer and drawer. Monster Towel comes with an easy-to-use carry strap for convenient carrying.

We all know wind is part of the beach experience. No problem with the Monster Towel. It has four corner pockets used to fill with sand to anchor it down on windy days. Another added feature is an extra hidden zipper pocket to hide your keys and wallet. Yoga enthusiast also love it as it provides lots of room for all kinds of yoga stretches. Monster Towel comes in vibrant beautiful colors like aqua blue and lime green.

Everyone will love Monster Towel it brings people together without being uncomfortable and squished. Do you wish you had thought of this? Monster Towel is fantastic for all people, big and tall to the very small.

Wait…the best part. Just shake it off and the sand flies away. No loops to trap sand–it’s microfiber. We’re sold!

Monster Towel Large Beach Towel Monster Towel Large Beach Towel Monster Towel Large Beach Towel Monster Towel Large Beach Towel Monster Towel Large Beach Towel