Remember the Ford Bronco? It’s been a while since they were made, but few cars were as unique or as iconic as the legendary four-wheel behemoth. There’s no question we’re excited to see this behemoth back on the road, and you should be too. The original Bronco was THE offroad SUV during it’s heyday, but it hasn’t been produced since 1996, when it boasted a 4.95L V8 and boasted that removable roof.

With about two years left until release, Ford still hasn’t released any major details, other than a couple of enticing teaser images. But they have mentioned that the new Bronco will be based on the Ford Ranger – which is being reborn next year itself, in a much larger, more beastly body – rather than the old F150.

If that’s the case, it will probably boast a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, for at least one option. It will also come with a 10-speed automatic transmission for at least model. Ford might even be teasing the option of a hybrid powertrain, where the electric motor would add some low-end torque to make slow off-roading a bit smoother. It’ll certainly be 4WD.

Other than that, it’s mostly rumor; the Bronco could get solid axles on both the front and rear, which would add some serious durability, performance off-road, and modifiability.  It should still have the iconic rear roof. It will also most likely not be released in a two-door version. Ford will be producing it right here in America at their Michigan Assembly Plant, where they used to build the Bronco for decades.

So far, that’s all we know. The new Ford Bronco promises to be the baddest Bronco yet, and if you want a car that’s ready for serious offroad adventure while remaining classic and cool, the Bronco should be at the top of your list.