Sadly, despite the name, the Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair isn’t actually free from the restrictions of gravity. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t wicked comfortable, and when you sit back in this bad boy and relax in the shade or by the pool with a beer, you probably won’t the know difference.

Supported by a sturdy powder-coated stainless-steel frame, that manages to be pretty lightweight too, the Zero Gravity Chair features a double bungee support system to connect the fabric to the frame and can support up to 300 pounds safely. The seat itself is made of textilene fabric, which is densely-woven, weather-resistant, and mesh – it doesn’t retain any heat. They’ve even given it a padded headrest and contoured armrests, so you can sit in pure comfort all the time.

At 16.5 pounds, it’s not the lightest camping chair in the world, but it might just be the most comfortable camping chair in the world. We’re always quite impressed with AmazonBasics quality, especially with the low prices they offer. And after taking a spin in the Zero Gravity chair, we’re not afraid to recommend it.  Grab one for your back patio and chill the beers. Summer just got that much more comfortable.

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