Speck says their Presidio Grip case is designed for impact, and at first glance, it shows. The case features what they call IMPACTIUM Shock Barrier – a band of ridges made of Impactium (a shock absorbing synthetic material similar to TPE) that line the inside of the Presidio case, offering an extra layer of shock-absorption that actually compress upon impact and disperse shock evenly throughout the case to minimize damage in any single spot. It’s backed up by another layer of polycarbonate for even more impact protection, while remaining ultra-slim at the same time.

To ensure that this setup really works, Speck has gone ahead and drop-tested the Presidio to a height of up to 10 feet. Which may not sound all that impressive, but if your phone can withstand impact onto concrete or such surfaces from 10 feet without being damaged, that’s actually pretty good.

On the sides of the case, you’ll find the usual phone case ports and buttons, the camera hole on the front, and even a large bezel on the lip to add some protection for the screen, so should you drop it face down, something will hit the ground before the screen done. The Presidio boasts a scratch-resistant finish, and depending on what model you choose, can come with a ridged, no-slip grip.

Lastly, Speck says they have lab-tested their phone cases for resilience against more than just falls, subjecting it to all different kinds of extreme temps, chemicals, bending, even antenna interference. And they back it up with a lifetime warranty.

It may not be a waterproof Otterbox, but when it comes to a durable, impact-resistant phone case that will keep your device protecting on the trail or in the mountains – not to mention everyday usage! – the Presidio gets the job done. Available for both iPhone and Android.

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