Key features:

  • GPS tracking
  • Escape alerts
  • Fitness features
  • Health monitoring
  • USB charging cable

If you are an outdoorsy person, you probably know that the market is full of tracking devices and wearables for humans. But did you know that you can attach a similar pet tracker gadget on your dog’s collar and go hiking without a worry on your mind?

Whistle GO Explore Pet Tracker 2

Yes, the lovely-looking Whistle GO Explore Pet Tracker can take out the stress of losing your pet in the great outdoors. With this device, you will never leave your dog back home when you decide to go on an adventure out in the open.

What is Whistle GO Explore Pet Tracker in the first place?

As the name implies, this tiny gadget uses GPS technology to help you track down your wandering Fido. In other words, the satellite system will pinpoint the location of the tracker, which will show up on Google Maps.

But wait, there’s more! This tracker enables you to set up so-called Safe Places for your pet. In most cases, this means that you will mark the location of your house or the backyard. If the dog runs away and breaks the perimeter, escape alerts will arrive at your phone.

How to use Whistle GO Explore Pet Tracker?

Speaking of phones, we should explain that you can control the device through the Whistle GO mobile app. Among other things, the app will provide you with a 24-hour chronological breakdown of the dog’s activity. So, you can monitor the pet’s movements and see how far he wanders off during the night.

Whistle GO Explore Pet Tracker 3Whistle GO Pet Tracker is convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is to snap the collar attachment and download the app. The device is available in three colors, which means that you can even match it with the color of your dog’s hair.

Plus, this tracker is waterproof. It comes with an IPX8 rating. Thus, you can submerge it up to 6 feet below the surface. In essence, this means that your furry friend can run through the rain and mud with the Whistle GO Tracker attached to the collar.

Fitness and Health Monitoring

Whistle GO Explore Pet Tracker 4If you are a dog owner, you should be able to understand the need to keep our four-legged friends as healthy as possible. For that reason, Whistle GO Pet Tracker comes equipped with advanced fitness features as well as health monitoring.

What we mean by this is that this tracker will allow you to set fitness goals and check how many miles your dog has covered or how many calories it burned.

Likewise, you can subscribe to one of Whistle GO’s plans and receive health monitoring services through the mobile app. In translation, this feature works as a tele-vet system. Users send data to the vet via email, and a full-blown wellness report arrives at their phones.

Who Should Buy Whistle GO Pet Tracker?

If your dog hates being on the leash, Whistle GO seems like an ideal solution. This particular pet tracker will

provide your dog with the necessary freedom to explore the surroundings. At the same time, you will always know where the dog wandered off while you were looking the other way.