Key features:

  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Fleece interior
  • Dual-layer construction
  • Tapered wrists
  • Stylish design

Winter hikes and camping trips can be magical and enchanting, but only if you have the proper equipment. If not, the entire trip can quickly turn into a painful and stressful ordeal.

Cold weather is not something you want to mess around with, and a pair of warm gloves is a necessity. For that reason, we decided to present you with Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor Gloves.

Besides looking classy, these gloves will keep you warm during winter activities. So, let’s take a look at this model in full detail.

Ultimate Comfort and Coziness

Established in 1981, Outdoor Research is a Seattle-based brand. Over the years, this company has sharpened Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor Glovesits skills when it comes to outdoor apparel. What’s more, Outdoor Research is famous for being an innovative and creative manufacturer.

Well, their Flurry gloves seem to be continuing down the same road. For instance, the patented combination of wool, polyester, and nylon creates a comfortable layer on the outer side of these gloves. The name of this fabric is “Alpin Wool-Plus.”

Inside, the gloves are featuring a soft fleece. Of course, this material retains heat and keeps your hand warm at all times.

Stylish and Elegant Design

It’s no secret that Outdoor Research is a high-end brand, and Flurry gloves are also a premium model.

Therefore, it’s also not surprising to see how well-designed these gloves are. For example, the OR logo on the back is a prominent detail. Although, some users say that the logo can feel a bit scratchy on the inside.

Nonetheless, Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor gloves are elegant and classy. The so-called Motion Wrap structure provides a snug fit. In other words, the gloves will adapt to the shape of your hand and stretch when necessary.

Improved Dexterity

Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor GlovesOne of the most notable features of these gloves is the presence of the silicone pads on fingers and palms. Strategically placed, these elements will improve grip and dexterity.

On top of that, silicone pads should help with smartphone usage. So, the idea is to allow you to use your phone without taking the gloves off.

Besides the touchscreen compatibility, these gloves can also wick away moisture and snowflakes. Admittedly, Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor gloves are not water-resistant. Even so, they will stay dry for a prolonged period.

Thus, you can use them on your winter hikes without any issues. All the while, you can chat with friends without taking the gloves off and exposing your fingers to the cold.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor Research is a top-notch brand, and you can’t go wrong with their apparel. The same goes for their line of hiking accessories. The Flurry Sensor gloves offer a range of premium features, which makes them a perfect gift for any active man.

These gloves are stylish, but they are also functional and convenient. If you want to look eye-catching out on the slopes and take hot selfies, these gloves are a must-have!