Have you ever tried to use your phone while wearing your winter running gloves?  That’s a not even a question – of course you have. It’s annoying at the least and impossible at the worst, but there is hope: these touchscreen gloves from Mujjo Touchscreen.

What’s so special about Mujjo’s gloves? There some of the very few glove models that come with touchscreen compatibility on all five fingers. Many other nice gloves are limited to touchscreen compatibility on only the index finger and thumb, but Mujjo is apparently quite aware of how annoying that is, and they want to give you the freedom you deserve. Every element of the design here is great; the thickness is perfect for holding a smartphone without too fumbling, and the touchscreen-compatible fingers make it easy to scroll through your songs and music while out for a run. The silicone grippers all over help keep you from dropping it.

And warmth? These obviously aren’t super-insulated, but Mujjo has included a layer of 3M Thinsulate to help keep your hands warm. We find they keep our hands cozy when the temperature drops down to the upper 30’s. And for active use and running, they are more than warm enough temperatures in the teens. The Thinsulate is part of a 3-layer construction, alongside comfy stretch-knit and fleece lining.

The only downside? They’re a little bit too thick to function as liners underneath burlier gloves. Still, for everyday use (running, driving, hanging out about town) give them a shot. If you find a nicer pair of touchscreen running gloves, let us know. Quality is great for the price, and they’ve even got a 2-year warranty.

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves 2 Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves