As silly as the idea of a spork has always seemed, it’s really a handy tool. Cut your utensils in half on the trail, take up less room the bag, and make everything that much simpler. (Or maybe, cut it by a third, if you still carry a knife for eating). Well, the folks at Morsel decided they should take the idea a step further, and create the world’s first spoon/fork/spatula hybrid – the Morsel Spork.

Made from a flexible-and-pliable-yet-sturdy rubbery TPE material, the Morsel is an all-in-one utensil with a full-size fork on one end – not just the small forked edge a spork usually boasts – and a spoon/spatula combo on the other, separated by a comfortably large handle. The specially-designed scraper shape and pliable material allows it to fit into corners and containers of all kinds, scraping every last bit of foot out – whether it’s the pot you cooked over the fire with, or that peanut butter container you just can’t get the last few spoonful’s out of. It has a “rubbery edge” lip that helps get a clean scrape.

Pretty cool, actually. The design apparently took a year, cutting dozens of different designs and prototypes out of clay and plastic. The result is, in their own words, a perfect combo of form and function.

It’s safe both in the dishwasher and in boiling water, and is made of entirely BPA-free, Food Grade material. And it comes in two sizes – the Morsel and Morsel Mini. They’re already reached their first Kickstarter goal, but if you head over there now, you can grab a Morsel Spork starting at $9. 10.5” long, weighing 20 grams – looks like cleaning up the camp kitchen just got that much easier.

Buy - $9.00
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