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Urban Operators‰ Titanium Banded Toothpick – Can A Toothpick Be Classy and Functional?

Urban Operators Titanium Banded Toothpick

This is truly a functional toothpick. Sure, a toothpick can be used for those “tooth” needs; however, this one can other uses. Think of all the possibilities of the Urban Operators Titanium Banded Toothpick: object that needs puncturing, fruit pick, punch, pick to reset those hard-to-reach buttons, etc. This is a perfect EDC product that will fit nicely into your wallet.

Features of the Urban Operators Titanium Banded Toothpick

  • Titanium Alloy Grade 5: Lightweight, high-quality, antibacterial, non-toxic, high hardness value, healthier, and reusable. Think of those wooden toothpicks…a breeding ground for bacteria. With titanium materials, you can easily reuse with confidence after throughly cleaning. Titanium is rustproof and will not interact with medicines.
  • Banded End: Need to grip and pull something? The banded end is grooved to allow the wrapping of string or cloth. Banding also provides a secure grip when held during tasks.
  • Compact Size: 65mm x 3mm and only 0.8 grams so it fits easily into your wallet or bug out bag.

Pick with class.

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