Despite what some people think, grooming products should be an important part of every man’s daily routine. putting pride and care into his appearance is essential for every man. Likewise, it’s essential to use only the finest products – ones made with pride and true craftsmanship. The folks at Borden Wallace know that, which is why their line of grooming products pays tribute to the manliest man they knew – A man of  character and craftsmanship, who put pride into everything he did.

A native born Oklahoman shaped and molded by the tough times of his youth and the Great Depression, Borden Wallace was a legend in his own right – One of those men of such hard work and strength he becomes an enduring symbol for generations of his family to come. So it only made sense that his family would name the their business after him – whether they’re making dapper grooming products or something else equally as gentlemanly.

The Borden Wallace line of grooming products includes a selection of beard balms, like the Maysville, which is made from all-natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil and essential oils, among others. It provides just the right amount of moisturizing and shine without any greasiness, and keeps your beard looking fresh. Pair that with a bottle of their Beard Oil (Wayne or Izard County both being good blends – also of all-natural ingredients) for a polished, masculine look, any time.

There is also a bunch of body washes, pomade, a premium leather dopp kit (made from full-grain Horween leather – at a fraction of what Horween boots would normally cost!) and even a custom wooden beard comb. All of these products are named after places where Borden Wallace himself lived at some one point in his life (Izard County, Wayne, Maysville, Oklahoma…), and all of them are made with the kind of love and care that Borden Wallace would have put into them himself. So go ahead and fill your dopp kit with some Borden Wallace oil or pomade, and pay tribute to a good man’s legacy.

Brown_Dopp_Kit_1024x1024@2x Borden Wallace Body Wash Bottle