Todd Rexford is an accomplished custom knife-maker, and one of the best in business. Which is probably why his R.U.T is selling for $130, when it seems to be nothing more than a fancy razor blade handle/box cutter.  But hey, the R.U.T. – short for Rexford Utility Knife – might just be the ultimate utility razor blade.

It’s a compact multitool that is small enough to fit on your keychain (only 3.5” long) but big enough to do just about any task you could need it to tackle. Built from 6AL4V titanium, it’s as strong as it gets while also being extremely light – weighing only ounce – and has 304 stainless steel screws holding it together.

The idea is simply that it serves as an indestructible, more-than-professional-grade razor blade handle, for those of use who need that kind of thing. The blade is just your classic razor blade – thin and sharp – but the RUT features frame lock for securing it in place. The notches cut into the top of the razor blade allow you to pull the blade out as much as you need and lock it in place. When it dulls, you can simply replace it with any compatible razor blade – easy. If you don’t want to ruin a good blade on mundane tasks, opting for a razor blade gives you the option of just discarding it when you’re done.

Besides the blade, you can also use the R.U.T. as a pry bar, a screwdriver tip, and as a bottle can opener. Whatever everyday tasks you can find for it, it’ll be there – stashed away safely in your pocket. It packs all those functions into a thickness of 1/5 of an inch, too.