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The Burley Coho XC Takes Your Gear Everywhere Your Bike Goes

Burley Coho XC Bike 2

Ever wanted to go bike camping, but needed a way to haul more gear? Or maybe you just enjoy biking to your favorite fishing spot, or at least to the beachside cookout spot? You might find some use for the Coho XC trailer from Burley. It’s a (relatively) lightweight bike trailer with an aluminum frame, weighing in at 21 lbs with a 70 lb weight limit. It has a coil-spring suspension for stabilizing your gear and riding over rough terrain, and easily attaches and disconnects from virtually any bike; the hitching system uses an adjustable width yoke that will fit on a variety of bike hubs. There’s a Burley Balls dual ball hitch, which uses dual-locking cams to snap quickly into place, and a quick-release handle that disconnects them within seconds.

The cargo bay can hold over 70 liters, with removable side panels that let you fit large and bulky items in. There are accessory mounts for bottle cages or other tools, and the frame and fender are designed for lashing additional items too.

There’s a height-adjustable kickstand for keeping the bike and trailer upright, and the rear fork actually works with three different tire sizes, so you can choose between offroad, XC and road tires. Using only one tire allows it to roll easily on singletrack, keeps weight down and the overall profile slim.

Overall, the Coho XC is a handy addition to your biking/camping/fishing kit. trailer. It’s just been released and has already won awards for it’s functionality and design. Attach it to your mountain bike and use it to haul whatever you need; tools, camping gear, food for a picnic or cookout. Some even use it for photography or painting gear; it’ll get the job done and, presumably, last for years of hard use to come.

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