The only thing that sucks more than a flat tire on your bike? A punctured tire, which is sure to put a damper on that all-day ride you’ve been planning. Every cyclist worth his or her salt will have a spare inner tube in their kit, but it can be difficult to carry around entire spare tires, unless you’re going solo touring or on a multi-day trip. And while a punctured tire or two is inevitable at some point, when possible, it’s better to avoid needing to change the tire at all. So if long trips and potentially rough road are calling, it’s time for some puncture-resistant tires. Enter the Continental Gator Hardshell.

These ultra-durable road bike tires are meant for both everyday commuting and long-distance rides on potentially rough roads, where your regular tires might be a bit underprepared. It’s made from Continental (yup, the guys who make your car tires) GatorSkin, which looks very smooth but features little reptilian-inspired treads for extra grip in all conditions. The Gator Hardshell adds an extra layer of durability, with their Hardshell protection – an extra layer of rubber for sidewall protection, and extra wide PolyX (polyester fibers) breaker protecting the tread strip, and a layer of DuraSkin fabric (known for its puncture-resistance) protecting the casing. One tough tire.

Still, the Gator Hardshell is fast enough for training and long-distance rides, without slowing you down; the 700×23 weighs 273 grams. Equip your bike with these, and you should be able to handle winter riding, a bit of rough pavement, and those long-distance adventures without breaking out the toolkit.

Continental-Gatorskin-3 Continental-Gatorskin-2