Carrying a camera on a strap can be somewhat awkward and uncomfortable on the trails if it’s swinging around and knocking into things. Sticking your camera in your pack, however, makes it hard to access when you need it – meaning you’ll miss great shots and those perfect moments. That’s why the Peak Design Capture Clip is an important addition to any adventure photographer’s arsenal.

This handy piece of equipment – made from an aluminum alloy chassis with stainless steel hardware – is the sturdiest and most convenient method of carrying your camera out there, and one of our favorites to use on the trail. Instead of flopping around on a strap, your camera stays rigidly fixed to your belt, backpack, shoulder strap – whatever you feel like sticking the clip on. When you’d like to use it, simply press the QR button and slide the camera (with attached plate) right off, point and shoot, before replacing it to continue on with your hike/climb/ride/whatever.

The updated V3 is the best, smallest, lightest, simplest version of the Capture Clip so far, moving from (sturdy) plastic components as found on the older version, to this new all-metal, superlight, compact build. It works on literally any strap up to 2.5” wide and has a weight limit of 200 lbs – which is more than any camera you could ever carry should weigh.

We’ve used this bad boy for several years now, on all different kinds of climbs and adventures. It’s held up like a boss, and we have no reservations about trusting our expensive, heavy DSLR’s to it – when used properly. Carrying your camera – and actually using it – gets that much easier, like having a quick-draw holster for your favorite piece of photography equipment. Highly recommended. It’s also cheaper than ever before, so if you’ve been eyeing for a while, now’s your chance.

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