When we’re camping or backpacking, we’re usually looking for ways to cut down on weight, and the camping stove you choose is usually one of the first pieces you look at for shedding weight. The lighter, the better. When you’re not out on the trail, however, there’s a little bit more room for cool gear, and a cool grill is practically a requirement. After all, nothing makes a night around the campfire or at the beach better than some delicious grilled food, right? If you agree, you should look at the CasusGrill – the world’s first completely disposable and biodegradable grill.

How does one make a biodegradable grill? Easy – by building it out of cardboard and wood (bamboo, to be exact). And how does one keep it from merely combusting? With a lava stone. You simply take the cardboard frame pieces, assemble them, lay the lava stone in it (on which you put the actual cooking flame…), and place the bamboo grill rack on top. Toss in some Quick Oxlite bamboo charcoal briquettes and you’re ready to go. The briquettes burn so hot they’re ready to go within 5 minutes and last up to an hour.

It seems a bit ridiculous, sure, but pretty cool too. How many other grills can claim to be made from 100% organic and biodegradable materials? And how many actually let you pick it up in your hands while cooking? The cardboard and lava stone insulate it that well. It also puts out roughly 50% less CO2 than a traditional grill (don’t use that as an excuse to cook in your tent, however…). And, it’s just kind of fun, too.

Heck, at $11, you can buy tons of the CasusGrill and never run out of disposable grills for cooking anywhere, anytime. And it’s so light, maybe you could bring it camping…when you’re done, just toss it in the campfire.

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