The name Lightweight is synonymous with quality, and they bring high-end, German engineering to everything they create. Their newest bike frame, the Urgestalt is one of their lightest frames yet, and we’re excited to get our hands on it.

Urgestalt means “Archetype” in German. Built entirely out of carbon fiber and coming in at 790g, it is light – though not as light as some of its competitors. Adding a fork puts on another 310g. It is also built entirely for for racing, with its long reach, short chainstays and very short headtube. It is also compatible with both electric and mechanical shifters, and the frame comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 48cm to 61cm.

One interesting thing to note about out the Urgestalt is that, despite being designed in Germany like all of Lightweight’s bikes and frames, it is actually built in Asia. This doesn’t mean that it’s not up to Lightweight’s renowned quality, it just kind of takes away some of the mystique surrounding “German-Engineering.”

That aside, when riding this bike frame is a dream once on the road. It’s easy to handle and a breeze zipping up hills, tackling corners with exceptional dexterity. The frame is so light that an entire setup could come in as light as 12lbs.

Prices start at $5,500 for the black frameset, and go up to $6000 for the disc brake version. That’s not a cheap frame. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive frames in existence. But if you’re as big a fan of German engineering as we are, you know the Lightweight Urgestalt is going to be one, fantastic lighweight road bike frame, and a real pleasure to ride.

Buy - $6,900.00
Lightweight Urgestalt Carbon Fiber Bike Frame