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The Bicycle Tour Camping Tent Lets Your Bike Sleep By Your Side

NSR Riding bicycle tour camping tent

Bikepacking is, in our opinion, one of the coolest ways to get outside, see the outdoors, and maybe embark on a multi-day, cross-country Odysey. But if you’re packing a regular backpacking tent on your trip, there’s only one problem – your bike has to stay outside. Which might not be a problem when the weather is nice and the chance of others coming along negligible, but that’s not always the case. Enter the Bicycle Tour Camping Tent.

Designed for standing your bike upright, next to your sleeping bag, the tent features handle, wheel and pedal wells for holding it in place, as well as heavy-duty nylon ties for security – but leaves ample room for spreading out your gear and getting a good night’s sleep. And we mean ample. This thing is absolutely huge, especially for a one-person tent.

Apart from being tall – and wide enough – for your bike, the Bicycle Tour Camping Tent is otherwise…well, a regular old tent. It weighs 3.7 lbs and packs down into a carry bag, which can be strapped underneath your saddle. Unfortunately, at this time, it’s not built for bad weather – there’s no rain fly included, and the tent isn’t water-resistant. Seams are sealed, which is nice, but if you’d like a rainfly, you’ll need to bring and rig up your own. Which seems like a bit of a downer, seeing as how heavy the tent is just by itself. We’d love to see a lighter, water-resistant version in the future.

Still, if you’re looking for a way to keep your bike out of the elements – and maybe deter the odd thief – this is a solid, well-built piece of bikepacking gear. Your bike will be just as comfortable as you, and ready to hit the trail again in the morning.


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