What exactly is a balisong – also known as a butterfly Knife? These unique-looking folding knives come from the Philippines (which is my you might also see them referred to as Manila folders) and features two different distinct handles that counter-rotate, completely concealed the blade inside when closed. They’re commonly used for self-defense, overall utility, and even as straight razors when finely sharpened and honed. The flipping motion of the blade was also traditionally seen as entertainment, and can even be mastered as a sort of skill. (If you’d like to learn, you can even get a blunt version, called a trainer).

The MicroTech Tachyon III is the latest version of the Tachyon, and an excellent take on a classic balisong. To add some of its own style, it has single-piece channel construction handles, made from T6 anodized aluminum and with a spring latch. The blade is an ELMAX steel clip point blade, with a stonewashed finish and swedge-ground tip, as well as milled grooves and even the MicroTech logo engraved in it.

A ceramic ball-bearing pivot helps in getting rid of any handle play and makes it super easy to flip open and closed. And they have Viton O-rings to dampen the load, as well as heat-treated stainless-steel retainer plates.

The Tachyon III is 10” long when open, with the blade coming in at 4.5”. So it’s not the smallest blade, but it delivers on everything you’re looking for in a Balisong. It weighs only 4 ounces, a tip-up pocket clip is included, and it’s made right here in the USA. There is one thing it isn’t, however, and that’s cheap – at almost $300 a pop. But if you’re looking for a modern, American take on a unique knife style, the Tachyon III doesn’t disappoint.

Balisong Tachyon III Green MicrotechTachyonIIIBalisong2 Tachyon III Balisong 2