What, exactly, hasn’t BioLite come up with? If you like cooking your food over fire when at camp, and at the same time, need to charge up a phone or tablet or two, then the Biolite Basecamp may be for you. This stove uses kindling-size firewood to fuel the fire, and then converts the heat into energy with BioLite’s thermoelectric generator – up to 5 watts of available power, depending on how hot the fire is burning. A 2200 MAh Lithium-Ion battery keeps a reserve going all the time, and 30 minutes of charge time is usually equivalent to about one full phone charge.

On a less hi-tech note, this thing is great for cooking and grilling, too. The grill top is large enough for about 8 burgers at once, and you can always stick a pot or pan on the grate for boiling water. The One-touch lever disperses or concentrates the flame and heat for even cooking. BioLite includes handy USB-powered light for cooking, too. To refill with fuel and firewood, simply shove some more branches or finely split kindling into the side-entry burn chamber.

Lastly, the stainless steel and cast-iron build is solid and hefty, but still easy to transport thanks to its manageable size. A bucket handle ensures you can grab it and take it wherever you’d like to go, and the adjustable legs allow for portability and a comfortable cooking height.

The Biolite Basecamp is a perfect way to grill out, have a good time, and keep your various devices charged all the time. And if you’d like to try your hand at pizza on your next trip, there’s even an optional pizza dome for getting perfectly crispy crust.

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