The “bucket” has been a necessary piece of equipment since the invention of the wheel. Whether it is on the boat, in the garden, in the butchering area, or in the food prep area, the bucket is your right hand helper. With the Yeti LoadOut Bucket, you don’t have to worry about the problems associated with those flimsy buckets you get at big-box stores or the ones that your pool chlorine came in.

Benefits of the Yeti LoadOut Bucket

  • Made from high-density polyethylene
  • Bearfoot non-slip ring on the bottom so there will be no slipping, sliding, or marking with the bucket
  • Lipgrip handle for easy carrying
  • Heftyhauler handle to make hauling comfortable and easy
  • Food safe for food storage or preparation
  • Stacked buckets don’t vapor lock

You had to admit, loading your gear in a bucket sounds like no big deal. I mean, a bucket is a bucket. Well, loading is one thing. Transporting is another. We’ve all tried to pick up a loaded bucket, only to have the handle break or cut through our fingers with the weight…or try to pick it up by the lip of the bucket and it slices your fingers. The genius behind the Yeti LoadOut Bucket addresses all these challenges. That’s what sets it apart.

So when you are off on the boat, going to the deer stand, or carrying in kindling at your favorite camping site,  haul your “stuff” in a Yeti. You know it has to be pretty special since it won the 2017 ICAST show Boating Accessory of the Year award. That’s not too bad for a bucket.

Size: Top Diameter: 12 7/8″; Height: 15 7/8″; Bottom Diameter: 10 1/4″
Weight: 5.8 pounds
Carrying Capacity: 300 lbs.
Colors Available: Charcoal, Seafoam, Desert Tan, White

The bucket does not ship with a lid. Accessories for the Yeti bucket are available on the Yeti website: Lid, Tie-Down Kit, Utility Gear Belt, and Caddy. Who knew we would be accessorizing our hauling bucket? Nothing like bucket bling.



Yeti LoadOut Bucket White Bottom Yeti LoadOut Bucket White Handle Yeti LoadOut Bucket White Handle Yeti LoadOut Bucket White Yeti LoadOut Bucket Tan Yeti LoadOut Bucket Tan Hauling Yeti LoadOut Bucket fishing Yeti LoadOut Bucket Hauling Yeti LoadOut Bucket Hauling Yeti LoadOut Bucket Hauling