Eureka! Camping has been around for a long time, with their origins in 1895, in Binghamton NY. And they’ve garnered quite the reputation for high-quality, heavy-duty goods in the meantime. The Gonzo Grill aptly fits that description, an all-in-one, steel stove, griddle and grill intended for taking anywhere your adventures find bring you – the beach, the backyard, or even your campsite in the woods.

The bowl-shaped walls are made from cast iron, and designed to let the heat radiate throughout, giving your food an even, consistent and quick heating. The double sided cooking surface has a regular grill design on one side, and classic griddle on the other – meaning it works well whether your grilling burgers in the evening, or frying up some waffles, bacon and eggs in the morning. There’s also a recessed stove grate, so you can cook with conventional pots and pans as well. The more you use the cast iron, the more properly seasoned it becomes.

On top of that, this thing is also very easy to clean.  The drip tray is removable and dishwasher safe, and their is a built-in grill scraper for keeping it clean. Lastly, it has a Jetlink output port, which lets you hook it up to other Jetboil and Eureka! stoves.


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