We’ve already talked about our love for fire, and our appreciation for the cool, innovative products Biolite keeps making. That’s why we need the Biolite Firepit when it comes out. This completely 21st Century Firepit lets you enjoy all the comforting warmth and crackle of a fire, but without the drawbacks – smoke, in your eyes and polluting the air. Instead, it creates ultra-efficient fire through the use of their airflow technology; 51 seperate airjets inject the fire with oxygen, creating a more uniform temperature and mixing of gases and letting it burn much more efficiently and cleanly.

But don’t worry, you still get the delicious smell of wood burning; it’s still takes logs, and thanks to the almost 360 degree views, you can kick back and enjoy it just like any other campfire. The jets are fueled by a 10400 MAH battery pack, which can last up to 24 hours of burning, and can be recharged via USB. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can control the intensity of the fans and jets from your phone via Biolite app. No, seriously…What will they think of?

The folding legs make transporting it around super easy, letting you take it from the car to the campsite, or to the beach.And if you’d like to do some cooking, it can be almost-instantly converted to a hibachi-style grill with the included grill grate. You can also dump in some charcoal, if you prefer that over wood.

Campfire just got a whole lot easier and lot less smokier.

Biolite Firepit Features

  • 10,400 MAH, USB Rechargeable Powerpackpowers your fire for up to 24 hours. 
  • 51 airjets inject the fire with oxygen along key locations for cleaner, more efficient burning
  • Folding legs make portability a snap.
  • Cook hibachi-style meals with the removeable grill grate.
  • Fuel rack adjusts to accommodate two types of fuel – wood or charcoal.
  • X-Ray Mesh gives 360° viewing for it it all
  • Bluetooth enabled controls let you control the fans from your smartphone
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