One of the most prominent dangers when traveling abroad is being the unlucky target of a pick-pocket. It’s not so common here in the USA, but many an American tourist or backpacker has found themselves missing a wallet, phone or watch at the end of day sightseeing. Cameras and backpacks are also prime targets. That’s where an anti-theft backpack like the Bobby Urban comes in.

While constant vigilance is always the first line defense, physical safeguards are also good to have. An anti-theft backpack designed to keep thieves and pickpockets from reaching and grabbing your valuables can be immensely valuable.

Built from a heavy-duty cutproof fabric, the Bobby Urban uses a roll-top design that eliminates unnecessary zippers and replaces them with an integrated steel enforced lock. There’s no way that thieves can reach into a zipper pocket if they don’t exist. The lock also allows it to be easily locked to your bike or table so you don’t have to carry it around everywhere.

Digital theft has become more common in recent years, so the Bobby Urban also includes RFID-blocking technology embedded in hidden pockets to keep your wallet and credit cards safe.

There are padded dividers on the inside for carrying tablets and laptops, and netting for stashing more gear. Additional features include luggage strap, reflective stripes, backpack straps. Finally, the entire bag is waterproof, so you can wear it in virtually any weather and your gear stays perfectly dry.

With a 27-liter capacity, the Bobby Urban is the perfect size for an everyday pack. Peace-of-mind is priceless, too.

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