Main features of Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses:

  • Polarized lenses
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Scratch-resistant and flexible
  • Rounded, elegant design
  • Branded carrying pouch

Huckberry is a relatively young brand, but they offer a diverse selection of products. Besides the stylish wardrobe, you’ll also find plenty of cool-looking accessories on the Huckberry website.

For instance, Huckberry Cruisers sunglasses attract lots of attention because they are affordable yet sturdy and durable. Plus, the elegant and stylish design will impress anyone you meet at the beach or while riding your car through the city.

We took them for a test, and here’s what we discovered.

Heavy-Duty Plastic

Finding affordable sunglasses that are sturdy enough to survive a fall onto concrete has always been tricky. Nevertheless, Huckberry is among the select few that tackle this problem with well-designed and sturdy products offering much more than might seem at first glance.

Namely, the innovative Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses stand out from the rest because of their flexibility and sturdiness. The frame comprises heavy-duty plastic that can take a beating. The plastic should be rugged enough to protect the glasses from breaking, whether you drop them somewhere outdoors or in the urban setting. Even a fall on hard surfaces should cause no problems.

High-Quality Lenses

Apart from sturdiness and reliability, Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses come with high-quality lenses too. No matter which color and design you opt for, all lenses from the Cruisers series of Huckberry shades are polarized. After all, polarized lenses are a must-have because they protect your eyes from various harmful rays. Plus, they reduce eye strain, shielding you from glare and reflections. On top of that, polarized lenses will enhance clarity when observing your surroundings.

If that’s not enough, the lenses in Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses are scratch-resistant, making them perfect for outings into the wild. They will survive any tumbles on rocks and stones, scratches from branches, and similar situations.

Cool-Looking Design

Huckberry offers several design variations in their sunglasses collection, with the Cruisers being one of them. In a way, the Cruisers series focuses on a snug fit, a rounded frame, and a temple guard on the exterior of the hinge.

Huckberry combines the color of the frame with different styles of glass to bring the best out of Cruisers Sunglasses. The most straightforward combination would be the black frame with Midnight lenses. You could also go with a Tortoise frame and Forest green lenses. No matter what you select, the Huckberry Cruisers sunglasses will suit your style.

Should You Buy Them?

Considering the price, we should mention that the Huckberry Cruisers shades belong to the mid-range category. On the other hand, they are a lot cheaper than overpriced branded products.

Even so, the Huckberry Cruisers Sunglasses are a reliable model that will stay with you for a long time. They are certainly worth the price considering the range of options they offer. From polarized lenses to a durable frame, they tick all boxes for being a savvy investment for the upcoming summer months.