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THAT! Is the Most High-Tech Meat Defroster We’ve Ever Seen

THAT! Inventions Deluxe Meat Defrosting Board

Thawing meat for dinner can be a pain. Forget to take a frozen steak or chicken breast out of the freezer and pop it in the fridge at least 24 hour before cooking, and it likely won’t be ready in time for dinner. And makeshift forms of quick defrosting – sticking the meat in hot water, the microwave, etc – aren’t much better; they’re finicky and sometimes even dangerous, with the possibility of the food being left in the danger zone for far too long . Enter the Deluxe Meat Thawing Board from THAT! Inventions, which promises to defrost your meat in record-time.

THAT!-Deluxe-Meat-BoardWe’ve seen meat defrosting boards before. They’re nothing new. But we’ve never seen one as high-tech and efficient as this. The Deluxe Meat Thawing Board goes a step (maybe two) further than your basic aluminum defroster; it uses a liquid thermal reservoir housed inside the board to create energy, drawing cold out and away from the meat while dissipating heat around the surface – a method that can defrost a thick steak in a record-breaking average of 10 minutes.



The aesthetic is no slouch, either. The top layer of the board is made from a super conductive alloy tray, which is angled ever-so-slightly to help water and melted ice run off (and collect in the built-in drip tray). And it comes in a  rich fake wood grain called “Copper,” so it actually looks good in your kitchen, which is always a plus.

Liquid-filled reservoir aside, it’s as simple as can be. No wires, plugs, batteries, moving parts…just set it on the counter, throw on those steaks, and you’re ready to go. It’s an essential part of our kitchen, and we think you’ll find the same with yours.

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