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The iFreezer is a High-End Refrigerated Cooler Plus Freezer

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IceCo calls their new iFreezer the “Future Car Cooler.” It’s not the first smart cooler out there, but if you can afford the hefty asking price, is one of the “coolest”.

It certainly ain’t your regular Yeti cooler. The iFreezer is a fully-electric, battery powered cooler + freezer that can chill down to a (literally freezing) 32F in less than 15 minutes and keep it there for a full 5 hours.

(After that, you’re running off the cooler’s insulation which, stocked with ice, should work as well as any other high-end cooler. Or so we hope, considering how much they are asking).


If you’re tired of just loading up a cooler with ice and hoping it keeps your food cold, you’ll love the temperature control the iFreezer comes with. You can set it anywhere between 50F and -1F using the touch buttons on the top of the cooler. Or it the iFreezer app, which connects with Bluetooth – because why not?

And, if you want to freeze some food (like ice cream) without turning your delicious beer into a popsicle, use the included partition to divide the 20L interior into a refrigerated zone (12l) and a freezer zone (7.5L).

Further features include an Eco mode for conserving energy, compatibility with an external battery for longer cooling, and anti-electromagnetic interference functions like auto-battery protection and anti-shocking for when you’re running it in the car. And, it will last 5 hours on a single charge. IceCo also includes a 1-year warranty and return policy.

The iFreezer website mentions that they supply coolers in luxury vehicles, which gives us a major hint as to who this freezer is for. It’s also probably why they’re going to cost an unsightly $800. Right now, you can save 50% of that price by signing up for their Early Bird Special.



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