If you’ve ever traveled abroad, or in any large city, you know how prevalent pickpocketing can be – and just how good pickpockets can be at their craft. You’re just walking around, enjoying the sights when you reach down to grab your wallet and realize…it’s not there. It was there 30 seconds ago, and now it’s gone. If that’s ever happened to you, you need these Pickpocket Proof Travel Pants from Clothing Arts, which will keep your valuables safe and secure in your pocket, right where they belong.

Clothing Arts was born in Cambodia but is now headquartered in NYC. And they build clothes designed for versatility, comfort and utility for adventurers and travelers alike. These Adventure Pants are the perfect example.

Made from what they call Nature-Like Nylon, they have the look and feel of comfortable cotton with the breathability and durability of nylon – which as we all know, puts cotton to shame as a material for active pants. They feature 11 pockets, placed strategically throughout the pants, all of which are either double- or triple-secured, with zippers, button snaps and Velcro built in, making quick slight-of-hand nearly impossible. Enough room to stash your phone, wallet, keys, passport, and a ton of other gear. Many of these pockets are also slashproof to ward off any would-be knife attackers.

Furthermore, the fabric itself is an “eco-friendly” DWR for protection against the elements, and the zippers are “self-repairing” YKK. Actually, they’re almost everything you could want in a pair of travel pants – UPF 50+, stain-resistant, prewashed, lightweight, with a diamond gusset crotch for more comfort and a greater range of motion. There’s not a whole lot more you could ask for, really.

Outfitting yourself in a pair of these will help you hold onto your wallet and phone, no matter who tries to get at them. Clothing Arts makes a whole lineup of versatile, tough-as-nails travel clothing to complement them.

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