It’s summer and you may already be tired of hearing “I’m bored!” Or maybe you just want to enhance your child’s classroom experiences. KIWI Crate kits are prepared activities and projects which make learning fun in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Kiwi Crate is a line of STEAM-oriented kits from Kiwi Crate, a subscription box service that delivers maker projects for kids to your home for a monthly fee. Aimed at ages 0-16, they include sewable circuits, laser-cut trebuchet, and acrylic etching nightlight. The kits include an illustrated magazine with additional science experiments and activities. There are also video tutorials available with tips and tricks.

How Kiwi Crate Kits Work

  • Find the perfect age group for your child. Kits are available in:
    • Ages 0-2: Play and Learn Activities
    • Ages 3-4: Science Art & More
    • Ages 5-8: Art & Design Techniques
    • Ages 9-16+: Science & Engineering
  • A Kiwi Crate Kit will arrive once a month
  • Subscriptions can be monthly up to yearly (cancel at any time)

Each crate includes all the materials needed so there you won’t be burdened with trying to find all the components to complete the projects. In addition, each kit teaches new techniques for your child. The techniques are presented with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Each kit includes online tutorials with tips and tricks.

Kiwi Crate kits make learning fun and are designed to inspire and shape our future generation of scientists, artists, and inventors. The awards and press coverage of these kits are numerous.

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