An anti-theft backpack? Sounds like a good idea to us. This anti-theft carryon bag, the Quicksilver X Pacsafe 40L, is made by Pacsafe in partnership with Quicksilver, designed to give you bag that is not only lightweight, packable and convenient, but also designed for those of us who love riding around a board – of any kind.

The Pacsafe 40L is made of 1000D Polyester Mild Kodura, with a Lining of 150D Polyester Printed Oxford. Inside, is a removable dry bag, so anything you stick in there remains dry at all times. Or vice versa: the inside will remain dry when you stick in a sopping wet wetsuit. The pockets are made of heavy-duty tarpaulin; durable and waterproof. The 40L size is big enough to fit a 15-inch Macbook while being designed to fit almost all carry-on standards. The Quicksilver x The adjustable straps and ergonomic padding on the back make it a comfortable fit, designed for those who love boardriding.

The anti-theft features are what really stick out here, though. A PopNLock security clip ensures no one can grab it and run, as you can strap it and lock it onto a railing, table leg, etc. The strap features Carrysafe Slashguard with Dyneema, so no one can cut it and run, while the sides feature Exomesh slashguard.

The material on both the outside and the pockets are RFID-blocking, too, so no one can scan and steal your personal information or credit cards. There are secured zip tabs and Roobar deluxe locking system keep pickpockets from grabbing your stuff.

All this and the bag weights only 3.81 pounds. If you’re looking for an anti-theft backpack that works just as well as you skateboard around as it does when you’re traveling through Europe – where pickpockets roam free – the Quicksilver x PacSafe will do it for you.

Buy - $190.00
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