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Guardian Elite Survival Kit: The Best Bug Out Bag in the Market?

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Well, bug out bags are an excellent option for anyone who likes to be as prepared as possible. After all, you never know when a tornado or an earthquake will hit. Even something as innocuous as a power outage can spell panic and disarray in modern society. So, we present to you the fantastic Guardian Elite Survival Kit. The list of items that are a part of this backpack is long and extensive, so let’s examine this kit in more detail.

What is the Guardian Elite Survival Kit?

As the name implies, this is an elite survival kit that can act as your guardian when the going gets tough. In other words, natural disasters and other emergencies are the situations when this bug out bag shines the most.

In essence, this “go bag” is a collection of useful items that can help you survive in an emergency. The kit comes in the form of a durable and sturdy bag. Even so, the backpack is lightweight, and you should have no trouble carrying it with you.

Impressive List of Items

When it comes to the items that are a part of this kit, we have to say that the Guardian Elite Survival Kit offers an impressive array of tools and rations.

When it comes to food and water, you will receive twelve 400-calorie bars as well as ten water-purification tablets.

Also, the kit provides all sorts of gadgets that can help with communication in times of need. From a rechargeable flashlight and a survival whistle to an AM/FM radio – you name it!

Clothing is also included on the list of items, and there are two sleeping bags as well as two ponchos and body warmers.

Of course, every bug out bag needs to have an abundance of tools. Well, the same applies to this Survival Kit. So, you will find two types of knives, as well as gloves, nylon rope, and a sewing kit.

Last but not least, the aspect of hygiene is covered as well. Thus, you will find all sorts of toiletries in this bug out bag. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, even dental floss – it’s all in there!

Believe it or not, you will even find a deck of cards somewhere in the backpack. Without a doubt, playing cards with friends could be an excellent way to kill some time while things get back to normal.

How to Use the Guardian Elite Survival Kit?

As you can see, the Guardian Elite Survival Kit is an impressive piece of equipment. For that reason, every avid outdoor person should consider having one such bug out bag.

You never know when disaster may strike, and Guardian Elite Survival Kit ticks all the boxes when it comes to surviving in the wild.

For that reason, the best way to use this kit is to place it in the trunk of your car or a convenient place in your home. In other words, make sure that you can grab it and use it at the first sign of trouble.

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