We’ve been rocking Clarks Desert Boots for years, virtually as long as we can remember; they’re timeless, indisputably classic pieces of menswear and work with almost any outfit, any time. But, they aren’t perfect, and are really lacking on the durability front: most pairs will last a year of heavy use before the sole is worn out and the leather starts to crack or tear. Which is why we recently found ourselves on the hunt for a new go-to pair of chukkas – something made of the highest-quality leather and that could stand up years of everyday use. We settled on the Nisolo Emilio.

First, a few things about Nisolo and the Emilio. Emilio is made handmade in Peru, using the highest-quality materials and leathers. Nisolo doesn’t use any distributors or middle-men, allowing them to resell their shoes at the lowest possible price point. They also build their shoes to stringent ethical standards, ensuring all their workers receive fair trade wages and safe working environments.

The Emilio is built from a smooth, full leather upper, paired with a leather outsole and “slip-free” rubber heel cap. The insole is full-length leather, and the inside of the shoe cushioned, “microporous” for breathability and comfort, and lined with soft leather. And the smooth front closure is laced together.

The shape and style are certainly sleeker and softer than the classic Desert boot, and it is, overall, slightly dressier shoe. They also lace-up and close more tightly, creating a tighter, more nimble fit around your ankles. If you’re looking to elevate your chukka game in that way, these bad boys will do perfectly – and last a good deal longer. Grab a pair of the Emilios and see for yourself.


Nisolo-Emilio-Chukka-5 Nisolo-Emilio-Chukka-2 Nisolo-Emilio-Chukka-3