Looking for the perfect running/road/cycling hybrid shoe? The DZR Minna are billed as “clipless sneakers,” which essentially means it is a sneaker that lets you jump on your bike and clip in in one easy movement and eliminates the need for switching shoes at any time. It’s got that classic urban sneaker fashion, nearly indiscernible from a pair of Vans, but pairs it with a Variable Flex shank and a spot for installing a pair of sturdy bike cleats. How easy can it get?

And since this is a premium pair of sneakers, they used premium materials; the suede is made full-grain leather – hard enough to find on good dress shoes, let alone speakers – while the soles are made of a natural gum rubber. The Variable Flex Shank, as they call it, is a full-length, nylon shank designed with “strategically mapped stiffness” that makes transferring power to the pedals easy but stays comfortable when just walking around on the streets.

DZR makes a whole line of these kind of clipless shoes, from chukkas to suede rainboots. All are made from quality materials and have a spot for cleats. If you like to shift from your feet to your bike all day long, they’ll make the perfect addition to your getup.


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