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Collective Retreats Offers Luxury Camping Trips From NY to Yellowstone

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So let’s say you dream of getting into the outdoors, seeing Yellowstone or the Rockies, and getting off the grid for a day or two. But roughing it, hauling your gear and sleeping on cold ground isn’t your thing, and maybe you have no experience. No problem. Collective Retreats has you covered. Collective Retreats offers luxury camping getaways in several different locations across the US, from Montana, to Vail, to the Hudson Valley in New York. You can rent a pre-equipped tent, with everything from a bed, luxury bath amenities to food, coffee, a concierge, and nightly s’mores around the bonfire. In other words, this is more of an outdoor hotel than a camping trip, an outdoor hotel in some of the countries most beautiful locations.

Each location is within a short distance to endless outdoor activities, whether it’s horseback riding or fly-fishing in Montana, or ATV tours in Colorado. They also offer some pretty incredible cuisine and dining to partake in. Backcountry backpacking this is not, but if you’re just looking for a purely easy, relaxing way to spend a few days outside without breaking a sweat, it may be worth checking. It’s not cheap though – tents start at $500 a night for two people.


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