While Yeti and now Otterbox have had the cooler game squarely cornered for a while, they aren’t the only folks who know how to make an awesome cooler. RTIC, one of those companies you have likely never heard of, makes some sweet, high-end and durable coolers that can hold their own against Yeti, and in the same price range.

RTIC makes their coolers with a Roto-molded, one-piece, seamless construction, which means that every inch of the plastic is equally and thickly spread, for an even, perfectly-molded construction that withstands just about anything you could ask a cooler to withstand. RTIC even claims they can handle grizzly bears trying to get at your food (but if you’re in bear country, please don’t use this as an excuse to skip the bear canister).

The RTIC Cooler comes in 5 sizes – 20, 45, 65, 110 and 145 – similar to Yeti’s lineup and in 5 different colors. The 65 liter, for example, can hold up to 64 cans of beer plus ice, and over 16 gallons of water. RTIC also says it can keep ice frozen for up to 10 days – very long time indeed.

Non-slip feet keep it in place, while the rubber t-latches with integrated locking system keeps it firmly in place. It even has heavy-duty rope handles made of marine-grade rope, molded tie-down slots and a “freezer-style lid gasket” to keep things sealed.

If you’re looking for an awesome cooler that works for everything from day out fishing to longer hunting and camping trips, the RTIC cooler will get the job done – for a comparable price than a Yeti, or even less. Also, check out their soft-sided coolers for something even more portable.

RTIC Coolers Tan RTIC Cooler 65 RTIC Coolers Tan-2