It really is tough to pick out one particular office chair as the best, but there are a few that stick out from the crowd. One such chair is the Steelcase Gesture, one of both the most comfortable and the most visually appealing office chair we have ever seen.

The makers behind the Steelcase Gesture went to great lengths to ensure it is the most comfortable, adaptable and versatile solution out there; they did this by undertaking a worldwide posture study, to truly understand how different people sit with different postures. The result is this totally awesome chair that adjusts and accommodates almost any sitting position. The technology is called 3d LiveBack, which serves to automatically adjust to mimic the spine’s natural position in any posture and adjusts the seat back and arms accordingly. The arms are adjustable to almost any position you like – literally 360 degrees. There are two adjustment knobs for intuitive adjustments, while the core equalizer in the back is powered by a torsional spring, which serves to adjust the back angle and get the best lumbar support.

The padded seat itself is 20” wide, and has adaptive bolstering, with air pockets carefully placed beneath the foam for more comfortable padding. Add that to the sleek and modern steel aesthetic, and this is one comfortable, versatile chair for any office. It’s one of the finest you’re going to find, and actually comfortable for those long hours in the office. It’s also one of the most expensive you’re going to find, but when you start to realize how many hours you spend sitting in your office chair….it’s really a bargain. Your back will thank you.

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