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Mini Building Materials – Desktop Construction Productivity

Mini Building Materials Ultimate Sample Kit

Boss: “Do something productive.” Or are you wanting to connect to your inner construction engineer? Pull out the Mini Building Materials Ultimate Sample Kit. You can sit at your desk and build a whole city–feeling very accomplished. This limited time Ultimate Sampler Kit comes with over $100 worth of awesome miniatures that are hand made in the USA.

Mini Building Materials Ultimate Sample Kit Includes

  • 1 Pallet of Mini Cinder Blocks
  • 1 Mini Barrel
  • 1 2 oz. Mortar
  • 1 Pack of 50 Red Bricks
  • 1 1:24 Scale Jersey Barrier
  • 1 50 pk. 1:24 Scale Cinder Blocks
  • 1 1:6 Cinder Block
  • 1 Mahogany Pallet Coaster
  • 1 Set of 12 Mini 2 x 4s
  • 4 Mini Breezeblocks
  • 10 1:6 Scale Red Bricks

Additional construction materials can be purchased to building your mega project.

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