If you suffer from a lot of discomfort and pain in your lower back and tend to find yourself sitting at a desk all day, slumped over a computer, you may want to may want to look into getting a new desk chair. There are quite a few good ones out there, ranging from the affordable (under $100) to the slightly-more-expensive ($1500+). Perhaps the best of the best of desk chairs for back support today, is the Herman Miller Embody, a sturdy, high-end chair created to bridge the gap between nature and our workspaces.

The Embody is a work of art, built with a frame of solid aluminum, graphite and titanium. Herman Miller wanted to create a chair that didn’t just alleviate the problems of sitting, but actually counteracts them, and this goal is evident in the Embody’s design.  Meant to replicate the feeling of floating, it features a unique external frame that is meant to mimic your spine; this helps support your back, reducing the compression and tension in your spine. It also increases blood and oxygen flow, which in turn relieves stress.

Features of the Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

  • Backfit Adjustment: The back features the Backfit system, which curves the backrest to match your spine’s natural curve. The Backfit system automatically conforms to your back as you move, staying aligned with your spine and keeping your back neutral and supported – without manual adjustments. This encourages mobility, which Herman Miller says is great for boosting creativity and keeps your mind fresh throughout the day.
  • Layers of Intelligence: The Embody seat is comprised of four different support layers—each with its own set of material properties, and each created with a different manufacturing process, all working together, orienting themselves to your shape with a degree of fidelity so high they even accommodate pockets. These layers were designed for airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable as you sit.
  • Pixelated Support: You feel Embody’s Pixelated Support the moment you sit down—a sense that you are floating, yet perfectly balanced. Thanks to a dynamic matrix of pixels, Embody’s seat and back surfaces automatically conform to your body’s micro-movements, distributing your weight evenly as you sit. This reduces pressure and encourages movement, both of which are key to maintaining healthy circulation and focus.

While the Embody is no doubt a bit pricey for a chair, it’s a solid, all-around fantastic desk chair for back support and pain relief – and if we ever get the chance, we’ll be upgrading our office.

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