Poltrona Frau is one of the premier furniture designers in Italy, and they are no stranger to working other famed Italian designers. Working with Ferarri this time, in honor of the legendary car-maker’s 70th anniversary, Poltrona Frau has crafted the Cockpit office chaira gorgeous piece of furniture based off classic racer seat designs.

The Cockpit comes in two forms – high back President, and low-back, narrow Executive – that both lean back comfortably, and are crafted from the same molded carbon fiber and upholstery that is found in timeless Italian racing cars. The swivel is made from the same materials and engineered elements as a racer’s steering wheel, and the aluminum base is matte racing grey.

Who knew office furniture could be so elegant? The Cockpit captures that excitement and feeling of power that you get sitting in a Ferrari’s cockpit, and – just maybe – makes work just a little bit more fun. Either way, you know you’re getting a beautiful, spiritedly-designed piece of furniture worthy of the names it carries.


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