Umbrellas are fickle things. They’re can be indispensable in foul weather, but cheap ones have the tendency to break at the worst times. Even nice umbrellas often have trouble when winds are high.  And of course, it can be hard to find one that doesn’t make you look like the Mortons Girl. But if you’re opinion (as we are) that a umbrella can be classy, too, then it’s time invest in a good one – one worth your time and money, that will stand up to even the worst of weather. To give you a hand, we’ve compiled the 10 Best Umbrellas out there.

 shedrain-black best umbrellas

Shedrain Jumbo Auto Umbrella

Big, basic, black. The Shedrain is the perfect all-around umbrella that doesn’t cost an arm and leg. It’s big at 54″, with wind vents. The frame is fiberglass, the handle is foam, and it has an Auto Open and Close. For a good, no-frills but sturdy umbrella, this one has you covered.


Repel Easy Touch Windproof Travel Umbrella

The Amazon Best Seller, the Repel Easy Touch is another very basic-but-sturdy umbrella, this time meant for travel. It measures in at just 11.5″, and weighs less than 1 lb., meaning it’s perfect for your backpack or briefcase when on the go. There are 9 ribs for enhanced wind resistance and durability, and Teflon coating to keep water off. The metal shaft is three-fold plated metal, and the handle itself is slip-proof rubber.

eezy compact

EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

The EEZ-Y is another top-rated umbrella, compact and portable yet extra durable. It’s got a double canopy system, which lets the wind pass through without damage, but doesn’t let rain fall on your head. It’s coated with a special 210T water-resistant coating, and the handle is also slip-resistant and rubberized. The whole thing measures in at 11″, like the Repel Easy Touch.

totes umbrella

Totes Singature Clear Bubble Umbrella

For something a little different, this umbrella is clear PVC plastic, allowing max protection from the elements with its large bubble shape while still seeing right through where you’re going. It comes in a variety of different color trims, and can complement a variety of different outfits if looks are a concern.

lighttrek umbrella

EuroSchirm Light Trek Umbrella

The Light Trek from Euroschirm is designed for trekking, as the name aptly implies. The frame is one of the most durable you’ll find, made from anodized aluminum, fiberglass polyamide, and metal for sheer strength. The frame is auto open and close, too. Most importantly, it has a rugged mesh carrying case, with loops for hooking onto your pack or kit to keep within reach when you’re out adventuring – or just walking to work.

plaid umbrella


There’s no fancy features on this umbrella, but it does have a nice fancy plaid pattern – both check navy/green, and check white/black, both of which complement your suit or fine trenchcoat. The frame has 8 ribs, and is open and closes automatically.

procella umbrella

Procella Golf

The next time the sky opens up above the green, grab the Procella. It’s large enough, and designed for, protecting you from the elements during your golf game, but works for any other occasion, too. It’s got a fiberglass frame and shaft, and double wind vents rated to withstand up to 46MPH. You also have your choice of 7 colors.

shedrain shedrays umbrella

Shedrain Shedrays UPF50

We generally think of umbrellas as protecting us from rain, but sometimes you need to keep the sun off when the weather is nice, too. The Shedrays, from Shedrain, has a 100% canopy rated up to UPF50. It’s decently large, at 43″, and provides more than enough protection for a day in the sun. That silver color is pretty cool, too.

barbour umbrella plaid

Barbour Gold Umbrella

Looking for a classic? Barbour is a classic supplier of men’s gear, and this umbrella has beautiful tartan pattern, with a carved wooden handle. It’s not as hi-tech as some of the others on this list, but it’s Barbour – it’s classy, classic and built to last.


Francesco Maglia

If none of the umbrellas above do it for you, and you’re ready to invest, this beautiful umbrella is a fine piece of Italian design. Handcrafted in Milan, it’s got a chestnut wood handle, and a striped navy and white twill canopy. Each wood handle takes up to 6 months to properly shape. It’s pricey, but sometimes, only the best will do.