Standing desks are great. When used properly, they are a fantastic way to avoid the pitfalls and effects of sitting for hours on end, and can result in some great improvements in posture. If you suffer from back pain, they are almost a necessity. It’s even supposed to help improve clarity and focus, keeping you mentally alert. The only problem, is that they are – naturally – expensive. A true standing desk will often cost between $500-1000 for a basic one, while the more high-end models can easily cost well above that.  While you can always make do by stacking one cheap desk on top of another, there are also a few, more convenient alternatives – such as a standing desk converter.

The frontrunner among standing desk converters is the Varidesk, which we have to admit, is probably the best one out there in terms of build quality and reputation. But at almost $400, it is also a little pricey. What about for those of us on a budget? Enter Vivo.

This heigh-adjustable standing desk converter uses the same two-tier platform as the Varidesk, but at a little less than half the price-tag. It’s made of solid steel, with gas springs to make adjusting height seamless and easy. There are 8 different points you can adjust to find your perfect height and position. The two platforms together provide ample room for working; your laptop or monitor can rest on the top level, while the lower level provides comfortable ergonomics for your keyboard and mouse, keeping your wrists from being strained.  You can also remove it if you prefer. An extra small storage tray provides extra room for cell phones, pens, and other office supplies. Cable management clips keep your desk clean and uncluttered. Lastly, a monitor mount works with both grommet and C-clamp mounts, so you can keep your fancy monitor safe and secure.

At less than half the price of the Varidesk, the Vivo delivers a solid, sturdy platform for working all day long. We’ve put to use ourselves,  and it’s our choice for a standing desk converter on a budget. You really should look into one; your back will thank you.

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