We don’t normally advocate replacing all your meals with shakes but…sometimes you just need something in a pinch.  Maybe you just forgot to make breakfast. Maybe the alarm “didn’t go off.” So you need something you can grab as you run out the door or after a workout to quell the hunger until the next meal. Something you can store in your bag as a snack easily grabbed anywhere you are. Enter Soylent.

These dairy-free, nut-free, vegan shakes come in bottles of 400 calories a piece, in three different flavors – Cacao, Fruity Nectar, and the “lightly flavored” Original – which apparently tastes like soy milk, but unique. We’re very partial to the Cacao.

Soylent is designed to provide the most nutrition with the least effort possible. Each bottle has 20 grams of plant protein and about 20% of your daily mineral needs, and is made from a combination of soy, sunflower oil, isomaltulose (if you know what that is, let us know) and yes – infused with vitamins and minerals. Slow-burning carbs provide energy without a spike or crash, like you get from sugar.

Throw one of these in your backpack, swill one after a workout or if you don’t have time to eat breakfast. It ain’t bacon and eggs or even a jerky bar, but it’ll keep you going until you have time for a real meal (which is always preferable), and makes a great choice for the vegans among us. We just hope you like the taste of soy. They come separately or in packs of 12, or you can buy the powder in tubs like a protein mix and add water yourself. Or if you really like them, subscribe and save 15% plus free shipping..it’s worth trying out.

Soylent-Cacao-Drink-3 Soylent Meal Replacement Shake 3 Soylent Meal Replacement Shake 2