If you’re not sure what elastic metal is, you can definitely be forgiven. Keego is the newest water bottle on the market and probably the coolest, made of 99.8% pure titanium with an elastic core, for a metal water bottle that squeezes just like any plastic water bottle – but without the downsides.

Plastic water bottles carry with them some unfortunate health risks (BPA and other chemicals, that tend to leach into your water). They also tend to leave your water with some terrible taste. And when it comes to sports and activity, they are downright terrible. Regular disposable water bottles have wide mouths that cannot be controlled like a sports bottle, which lets you squeeze a steady stream you’re your mouth on the go. That’s where Keego was born.

Titanium, on the other hand, is one of the safest and most inert metals known to mankind, and gives you a perfectly safe container for carrying your water without leaching chemicals or awful plastic taste.

And unlike a cheap water bottle, you can control the stream of water. Just fill it up like any other water bottle, and squeeze for a perfectly controlled, steady stream of water that keeps your hydrated and replenished throughout whatever intense exercise you’re taking on. Perfect for running and especially cycling, where drinking easily on the go is important and welcome.

How exactly they manage to produce Keego’s elastic titanium material is beyond us, but they somehow fuse elastic and metal together into a super-cool bottle. The Keego was conceived in Switzerland, designed in Vienna, and produced in Denmark, so there’s a touch of European style and precision inherent in it.

You can currently grab one of these awesome water bottles by backing Keego on Kickstarter, and you should receive your bottle sometime in August of this year.

Keego-Squeezable-Titanium-Bottle Keego-Squeezable-Titanium-Bottle-2 Keego-Squeezable-Titanium-Bottle-4 Keego-Squeezable-Titanium-Bottle-3